Oregon Bookbinding Co, LLC


Welcome to Oregon Bookbinding Co.

"Good Books Are Worthy Of Better Binding"

Oregon Bookbinding Co. specializes in short-run Hard Cover Bookbinding. Each step is a hands-on process assisted by special equipment. When completed, you will know your books have received "the hand-crafted touch".

We bind thesis and edition runs of books which include genealogical books, poetry and a wide variety of other topics. Below are a few examples of the types of books we hard bind:

  • Family Histories
  • Short Stories
  • Poetry Books
  • Biographies
  • Pictorial Books
  • Historical Publications

The staff at Oregon Bookbinding Co. is prepared to discuss and work with the individual customer, printer or broker regarding the various steps required to make your book a success. We look forward to applying to your job the years of experience we have gained with the many varied runs of books we've produced.

Please note:  Oregon Bookbinding Co. no longer does restoration work or rebinding of Bibles.