Oregon Bookbinding Co, LLC


Company History

Oregon Bookbinding Co. had its beginning in Portland, Oregon in 1934 under Dan and Emma Yeazel. Their equipment was very basic with most of the work being handwork or bench work. Dan passed away in the spring of 1968.

Working several years in a bindery setting and part time for the Yeazels, Steve Kaufman opened up his own small bookbindery in June of 1968 in Silverton, Oregon. His strong interest in bookbinding and the old time craftsman influence of Dan and Emma contributed to its beginning. Kaufman Bindery and Specialties Co. was later merged with the purchase of Oregon Bookbinding Co. in January of 1971.

Through the earlier years the emphasis was on Bible, book and magazine binding, book rebinding and a variety of related specialty work.

In the early 1980's the focus of the bindery began to also shift toward short-run edition binding involving runs of 10 to 1,000 books. The earlier individual handcrafted attention given to each book was not lost but is now applied to multiple runs of books as well. Those skills and the thought that each book will sometime be owned by an individual somewhere still guide the "hand-crafted" touch.