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Standard Bibles (ex. Zondervan, Oxford, Tyndale, Nelson, etc.)

Oregon Bookbinding Co. specializes in rebinding of various types of Bibles. We now offer two types of binding for rebinding books. Most all Bibles purchased today are "Perfect Bound", an inexpensive process that is much less durable. We also rebind our Bibles in soft, flexible, top-grain Cowhide Leather, which is a very high quality of Genuine Leather.

Below is information on rebinding of Standard Bibles. Rebinding price includes:

  • New durable Bible endsheets applied
  • Oversewing of Bible (where margins allow us and where needed)
  • 2 new colored ribbon markers (ribbon colors match cover color)
  • Holy Bible title stamped in gold on front and spine of cover
  • Name personalization stamped in gold on front cover
  • Cowhide Leather cover: Black, Dark Brown, Navy, Maroon, Red, Dark Green, Deep Purple
Bible Size  Cowhide Leather
 5 x 7  $74.00
 6 x 9  $85.00
 8 x 12  $96.00
 9 x 12  $106.00
»Rebind Bible in original cover - $55.00(cover must be in one piece, no splits)
»Glue original front, spine, or back onto new cover - add $15.00 each to above prices
»Restore Old Family Bible - min $175.00
»Shipping prices not included

Please download our Standard Bible Order Form, complete and mail to us with your Bibles. If you have a Watchtower
Bible, please see the link in the Bibles and Rebinds menu.

Price Lists are in Adobe PDF format,

if you do not have you may download here for free:

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