Oregon Bookbinding Co, LLC


Hard Cover Binding

This is your special book...make the most of it!

  • Hard Cover Binding is the most Durable and Long-lasting Binding Type - Hard cover binding is important for books that will be kept and treasured for years to come as it is the most durable and long-lasting of all binding types. It is a binding process that is far superior to "paperback" (perfect) binding, Wire-0 binding, Spiral binding and Plastic Comb binding.
  • Adds a "Touch of Class" - Hard cover binding compliments your publishing efforts with very little additional cost, especially on runs of 50 or more. It adds a "touch of class" you won't achieve with other binding types - there is no substitution for the look and feel of a hard bound book.                                                                                                                    
  • No dog-eared pages - All books are sewn using either our Smyth sewer or Over sewer. This prevents the pages from coming out or books falling apart, which can happen with alternative binding methods, which only glue the back of the book.                                                                    
  • Hard-bind all your books or create a Limited Edition series - A complete run of books can be bound or as an alternative we can economically hard-case bind a portion of the books to compliment your perfect binding order. For special. Limited Editions, a Limitation Page can be easily added to your hardbound books.                                                                                                                                                                                   
  • Make a lasting First Impression - First impressions are often the selling point and nothing achieves your desired look better than our quality Cover Materials. We offer various non-woven cloths, imitation leathers, bonded leathers or printed/laminated cover material. Your titles are hot-foil stamped in gold, silver, or various colors, or can be offset or letterpress printed. 

Binding Types

Oregon Bookbinding Co.
offers three types of binding to suit the needs of each design.

  • Oversewing - The strongest sewing available where sheets are stitched into the binding edge at almost 1/4".

  • PUR - The strongest glueing process which is typically known as the "Lay Flat" type of binding. The binding is very durable and flexible which allows the book to lay open naturally.

  • Smyth - The most common sewing for books printed and collated in the form of signatures.