Oregon Bookbinding Co, LLC


Cover Material Types

We offer a variety of Cover Material Types for your binding job. 

  • Printed/Laminated Cover is printed as you would a paperback book on a 100 Ib coated book or text sheet and then L & R are Printed/Laminated covers,Middle is Imitation Leatherlaminated with a 1.5 mil plastic lamination. It has considerable durability, very washable and eliminates the need and cost of a dustjacket. Often used on school annuals, textbooks, cookbooks and children's books, this cover is used where "eye appeal" is very important as the plastic lamination enhances the colors of the printing. 
  • 10 Pt. Non-woven Cover Material is a durable, economical, latex saturated covering material. The special appearance and richness of this material produces a durable cover of beautiful quality that can be economically produced. Available in a variety of colors, it is often used for school yearbooks, poetry, coffee table books and novels. Use this cover material when economy is your greatest concern, yet a polished, look is desired.
  • Arrestox B Bookcloth is an aqueous acrylic cloth with either a linen or vellum (smooth) finish. It lends itself to most types of books and has a subdued, yet "professional" look. Works well on novels, textbooks, poetry, family history and history books (especially if the author wants to give the book a "vintage" look). This is your best choice when cost is somewhat of a factor and yet the strength of a bookcloth is desired.
  • Imitation Leather Bookcloth is stronger and has a greater longevity than either 10pt. non-woven or Arrestox B Cloth. It comes in a variety of beautiful colors and several grain patterns and gives your book a deluxe look. Recommended for those who desire a cover that has a very rich appearance and whose concern is the longevity of their books.
  • Bonded Leather Material is made by combining 100% leather fibers using a latex binder.  It looks fairly similar to the original leather it comes from and has the "leather smell."  While not as strong as genuine top grain cowhide leather, bonded leather offers a very affordable method of giving your book a special leather look. Recommended for special limited edition runs where a rich and unique look is your focus.